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Far Edge specialises in developing world-class software, optimising workflows and integrating IT systems.

With extensive expertise in software development and project delivery, we have successfully implemented large software projects in a range of industries ranging from biotechnology, manufacturing and education, to government and tourism.

Some of our products include:

MIMS brochure MIMS brochure

MIMS - Multi-Site Inventory Management System

  • Do you need to manage the movement of inventory between multiple locations, and third parties?
  • Do you need to be able to see the location of stock in real time?
  • Do your partners need access to your system to request stock?
  • Do you need to track the quality of stock?
The Multi-Site Inventory Management System (MIMS), developed in Australia by Far Edge Pty Ltd, is the definitive online tool to help you manage stock over multiple locations through an easy to use, highly-configurable application. Click HERE for more information.
Rotor-Gene software screenshot Rotor-Gene software screenshot CAS-1200 software screenshot CAS-1200 software screenshot

Corbett Research and Corbett Robotics Product Range

Far Edge Technology is responsible for the development of the desktop software for Corbett Research’s flagship product, the Rotor-Gene 3000. This product is used worldwide in research laboratories and clinical facilities for DNA analysis.

We have also been involved in the CAS series of robotic sample preparation machines and DNA extractors, the WindowsCE-based PalmCycler thermal cycler, and the GelScan series of DNA analysis machines.

See the Corbett Research website for more information on these products.

Far Edge Technology was instrumental in refining Corbett Research’s internal business and development processes, culminating in their recent ISO9001 certification.

CATS screenshot, front page CATS screenshot, front page CATS screenshot, timetable CATS screenshot, timetable

University of NSW CATS Online Room Allocation System

Far Edge Technology developed the CATS web application for the University of NSW.

This system interfaces with Scientia's Syllabus Plus room allocation system to allow students and staff to easily book facilities for classes or social activities via the internet.

Our software can easily be retrofitted to (and run in parallel with) existing Syllabus Plus installations, enabling big savings on license costs.

Legal Reviews, document source selection Legal Reviews, document source selection Legal Reviews, document review Legal Reviews, document review Legal Reviews, search Legal Reviews, search

Discover: Legal Document Review System

Discover enables companies undergoing a legal discovery process to reduce the time required from years to months, as well as providing an auditable trail of all documents reviewed.

The system allows large teams of para-legals and lawyers to work together quickly, efficiently, and accurately, making this a powerful tool for both law firms and their clients.

Contact us if you would like to see a demonstration of how this system can help your business.

TeamTalk screenshot TeamTalk screenshot

TeamTalk Corporate Communication Tool

TeamTalk is an online tool that allows organisations to communicate their objectives with staff, collect feedback, and respond to it.

The system is optimised for end-users - who traditionally ignore corporate communications - but provides useful reporting and knowledge archiving features.

Survey screenshot Survey screenshot Survey builder screenshot Survey builder screenshot


We have developed powerful and detailed tools and methodologies for creating and hosting web-based surveys for market research applications.

We also provide extensive tools for analysis and reporting of survey data.

Montage - Classifieds Publication Listing Generator

We have developed extensive online tools to simplify the bulk creation of classified advertisement listings for trade directories and exhibitions, such as those produced by GHA and Loyalty Publishing.

These tools allow end-users to create their own listing in one of a number of specified formats. The software generates print-ready PDFs, both as individual files and as summary sheets for approval.

Survey screenshot Job App Admin screenshot Survey builder screenshot Job App screenshot

Job Application System

Advertising employment opportunities are made easy with the Job Application system.
Features include:

  • Job Administration: Add, deactivate, and update existing job requirements
  • Job opportunity windows: Jobs can be deactivated manually, or they can expire after a certain date.
  • Specify required skills for specific jobs
  • Application review, shortlisting
  • Automated emailer which notifies on receipt of an application

Try the Job Application system first hand...

Application demo
Administration demo

To log into the Administration side, use the following login details

 username: admin
 password: admin

For more information on any of these products, please feel free to contact us using this link.